Saturday morning thoughts…

Chewie, my shih tzu says good morning to all the fellow Kansans who are huddled down less than enjoying the cold weather and freezing drizzle!

So yeah, this is my weekend off. But I still found myself glued to the police scanner first thing this morning listening to all the accidents as they were called into dispatch. And listening to officers call dispatch over and over about slick bridges — all aftermath from a night of freezing drizzle. After probably about 45 minutes, I turned the scanner off. Don’t know what’s been going on since then.

I just hope that people who don’t need to be on these roads are staying off of them. I’m among those who cancelled my holiday shopping plans. Dang, had my heart set on dinner in Topeka!! But if I get into a wreck…best-case scenario I can’t afford the deductable on my car…not to mention worse-case scenario…

So now, I’m sitting here with my french vanilla coffee, which I’ve re-heated three times. Go figure. It smelled better than it tastes. Somehow not in the mood for coffee.

Happy Saturday people! 🙂

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