Not a well woman…

As a good friend of mine recently told me…I’m not a well woman!!

Yeah, ok Radiodoll, you truly have a point!! Anybody who spends 30 minutes on a Friday evening looking for dog pajamas…yeah, not a well woman! And yes, that is my poodle in the corner of this post in her sailor outfit….LMAO

So, last night was one of the first bone-chilling nights in my house. I have a wood stove that keeps it pretty warm in here, but the dogs just seemed to be cold and the wind was whipping outside. I kid you not, I spent 30 minutes looking for their pajamas…all three sets of them.

For those of you who are now shaking your heads in disbelief….yes, they DO make dog pajamas. Mayiah has a yellow set and the boys, PJ and Chewie have purple ones. No kidding, my dogs sleep better in the wintertime when they have their PJs on.

Who am I kidding? I’m not well!! I don’t have dogs. I have children with four legs, fur and tails. Lots of wagging tails.

Have a great day indulging in my insanity!

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