Foosball table

I have no idea what to write and quite frankly, the way the last couple of days have gone I so am not really in the mood to write….but here goes!!

So my neighbor reporter decided to bring in an executive sized foosball table for his desk. Now, it sounds funny, but this guy is pretty anal about his desk. When he leaves for the day, all that literally is there is his phone and the foosball table. All of us have decided that we are going to have to break him in and start throwing stuff on his desk!

That aside though…not nice to talk about co-workers publically! This guy is an excellent reporter and a great addition to the team….a little less emphasis on the desk though!!

So, back to his foosball table. Every time I walk by, I struggle to hit that little white ball. No luck. I miss it every time. Maybe it’s because it’s not really appropriate to play foosball in the newsroom…

So it’s frustrating that I can’t hit that little ball….really frustrating….

Ok, so it’s little. This is a “small” thing…but like I said, I’ve had writer’s block on this blog!!

Maybe next time I’ll be able to hit the little ball….yeahhhh right!!!!!

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