What to write????

IDK what to write this morning?????

Maybe I’ll start with the thing I just wrote above “IDK” (I don’t know). The only reason why that word was in my head was a TV commercial that was advertising a texting plan and a grandmother was texting and she was called on the carpet for it. Her reply was “IDK, My BFF Rose…”

I have laughed and laughed about that commercial! It’s classic! And such a sign of our times!

However, looking at my recent cell phone bill…if I didn’t have an unlimited texting plan, it would be no laughing matter! I had nearly 3,000 texts on my phone alone…that’s both incoming and outgoing….

OMG?! Who do I text that much? Well…those of you that get those texts are laughing right now and raising your hands!! ME ME!!

Recently I got my mom on a text plan. She texts me now too! I can say I love it when my phone goes off and there’s a text from my mom. I really miss my mom.

Some say it might be easier to pick up the phone and call somebody. I beg to differ. You can text silently in places you can’t talk. You can text and still watch a TV show. You can text and still type a blog. Yes Kat, I’m answering your good morning text!!

So, I dunno…I love to text…call it an addiction…but I can think of many worse things to be addicted to than texting. And for $20 a month extra…hey, it’s a bargain right?!

Have a great Tuesday!!


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