Good attitudes are contagious

It’s true what they say that kindness, happiness and smiles are contagious. I was on my way into work recently and I had just had a good laugh with my partner. I had this wide, authentic smile on my face as I got out of the vehicle and headed into the building. I looked over at someone who saw me and immediately had the same, contagious smile on her face. We walked in together, chatting out about the weather.

I continued smiling all the way down a flight of stairs and into my office, where I was met with more smiles. How many times have I walked that same route to my office not talking or even looking up at anybody? How many times have I sent out low vibes to the world because I was in a mood about something that wasn’t that important in the grand scope.

Many times. And it kinda breaks my heart to think of the times I came home, bringing a low vibe to my partner, which sent her into a tailspin. And, almost 90% of the time, what I was angry or frustrated about did not matter.

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space.”

Bingo. We are all responsible for the energy we carry and the energy we bring into others’ spaces. We can choose to bring everybody down or lift them up. Each and every single minute is an opportunity to change that vibe for the good.

So, today, as you’re walking around, what vibes are you sending out?

Now, with all that said, we all have low vibe days. In times of grief, crisis, even on “normal” days, it’s sometimes unavoidable. We’re human. If you’re in this season of life, I hope you are able to find your vibe soon. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help. You’re not alone.

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