Celebrate friends’ joy

This post came to mind this week when I was thinking about how quick we all are to support a friend who is grieving or in pain. It’s a beautiful thing when we all support each other. It’s also just as important to share a friend’s joy.

Recently I sent a message to a few friends about a publication I’m going to be in. My moment of pure joy was met with pure joy from my friends as well. It made me feel so valued, honored, and loved.

Then, I got to thinking:

Am I sharing in my friends’ joys? Am I celebrating their accomplishments and happiness?

Maybe I’m not doing enough of that? So, I made myself (and my friends) a silent promise: I’m going to look out for their joy and celebrate their joy. I’ll send a little congratulatory note or message. I’ll make sure I comment on their statuses on social media celebrating them.

Sharing joy. It’s equally as beautiful a concept as sharing their pain and grief. And equally as important.

Will you join me?

As always, THANK YOU for reading my blog. It means the world to me.

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