Do the thing that scares you most

I person I follow on Instagram, Kelsey, recently had the following advice “do the thing that scares you most.” She continued to say that thing that scares you the most will get you the most results.

Powerful stuff.

It got me to thinking. 🤔 Most of the things that I don’t do (but want to) I don’t do because I’m afraid. Afraid of rejection. Afraid of judgement. Afraid of someone being angry or hostile with me.

Well, fear, that fear, is a liar, a friend has long told me.

The thing I did that scared me recently was re-launch this blog. I had all kinds of fears, but I went for it. And it’s going amazing. All my fears that I had have not been realized. Here I am, typing away. On THIS blog. Looking back, my fears were honestly silly. But there’s a lot of things in my life that aren’t so silly — things that also need squashed.

My personal challenge is to do at least one thing a month that truly scares me. That fills me with insecurity.

Join me? Let’s do one thing that scares us.

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