Last night I had a crazy dream

The mind is a crazy thing, especially when it’s in a dream state. Last night I had a crazy dream — out of nowhere.

In my dream I had just had my car’s oil change. (My car’s name is Tuxedo by the way). I was on my way out of the dealership when my salesman said he’d meet me outside to show me how to work the paddles on my steering wheel. I smiled and headed out to my car.

Only Tuxedo wasn’t there. Confusion. I looked and looked and finally decided to use the key fob to sound the horn. And my car’s horn was coming from under the ground! Confused, I looked over and a construction crew was resurfacing a parking lot — they had buried Tuxedo and was covering her up with asphalt!

Angry, of course, I ran over and started shouting at them. They looked at me like it was perfectly normal to steal a car and bury it.

I ran over to the dealership, who promised me another car — a government car. What?! I didn’t want a government car, I wanted MY car! The car I love. The car I bought.

Sigh. Even typing this I still feel frustrated.

Dreams are so weird.

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