It’s been a wonderful spring

It truly has been a wonderful spring full of so many things I love. Storms. Water. Traveling. Nature. Family.wpid-20150517_135028.jpg

The recent rains have brought about one of my favorite events: high water. It’s a time when the landscape changes and when the rivers and streams rage — creating a vibrant energy and a beautiful scene to watch. We’ve had two such events in a week. And what’s even better, there is now water in the lake behind my house. It’s so nice to have water again back there.wpid-20150525_140935.jpg

I’ve also had a nice dose of nature this spring. On Memorial Day, a large group of butterflies visited a mock orange tree in the yard. I was able to capture some really incredible close-up shots of the beautiful creatures.

Storms are one of my favorite things about spring. Going home yesterday the storms created the most majestic sunset I’ve seen in a long time. The incredible visual show was displayed across the sky and it was so incredible to see all t
he variations of the same sunset color my social media feeds last night and this morning. Just another moment spring afforded us all last night.

I’ve had a good dose of family time this spring already as well.

Earlier this month we celebrated my niece’s 16th birthday! What a joy it was to share in that moment with her and my family. I’m so proud of who she’s become — a truly wonderful young lady.

This past weekend I got to see my cousin get married — it was such a beautiful ceremony filled with so much love. Oh and rain. Who can forget the rain? But it didn’t put a damper on the beauty of seeing two people begin a new life together.

It truly has been a beautiful spring in so many ways.

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