The string voodoo doll

So, the doll to the left has caused quite a stir at the paper recently. Seems a voodoo-like doll unsettles many people.

A little back-story here: I found this doll while on a walk with two co-workers, Tina and Leann. I’ve seen these dolls before in gift shops and they’re kinda cute so I picked him up and took him back to work.

When I got back to work I dropped him off at our publisher’s desk. Creeped out by it, he dropped it on a reporter’s desk. She reacted similarly and put it on another reporters desk.

Finally, it ended up back with Leann. At this point we were determined to find out exactly what this little doll was. Much to the protest of the publisher who kept chanting “is that thing still in here?! Get rid of it!”

Yes, that thing is still in the building.

Leann found the following: first, he is a string doll — not a voodoo doll. His black eyes were created to repel negative energy; his red cape represents power; and his yellow body color represents success.

Edited (Nov. 20): The doll has been returned to where we found him — just in case.

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