The snow that didn’t happen

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Isn’t that the way it goes?

The first snow was expected in the area on Saturday.

Weekend reporter notified. Check. Photographer notified. Check check.

Statuses scheduled for social media asking for cancellations/delays. Check check check.

Winter weather advisory posted. Check and again check.

Saturday morning comes and there was but a trace of snow — as seen on the left.

Mild disappointment on my part.

There is something special about snow. About the silence that ensues outside after several inches of new-fallen snow. There is something REALLY special about how the snow sparkles in the moonlight and how the stars seem to be several times brighter in the cold winter air.

Despite the extra work the snow causes those of us in the media industry, I love snow. I love standing outside and listening to the snow. Yes, it has a sound when it’s coming down and there is a distinct sound of nothing after it’s done falling. For my post on winter’s silence, see here and here the joy of snow.

So Saturday was a false alarm for us here, but I’m waiting (and embracing) the next one.

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