I’ve been working hard on my book, “Breaking Point.” And I’m to the point in the novel where I realized it’s time to fine-tune some parts (especially the crime scene parts in the novel).

And that’s when I realized — I have a lot of questions about crime scenes. As the questions kept popping into my head, naturally, I wanted to turn to Google. But, really, it’s probably not a good idea to Google the sorts of things that I have questions about.

Enter EBAY. I ordered a couple of crime scene investigation field guides to help me along. When I was reviewing my purchase, I realized that one came from a seller named “Dexter.”

Uh? Creepy much? I will admit I had a pretty good (nervous) bout of laughter out of that one.

So, I’m excited. This novel is REALLY happening! I can’t wait to get it completed and start the next leg of my journey — to publication and introduce the world to my main character, Chloe.

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