There really is nothing else on this planet like bacon.

Today, we really pulled it off at the paper. The Gazette’s first — and probably infamous — bacon bar.

We had bacon ice cream topping. Bacon pretzels. BLTs. Bacon cookies and cinnamon rolls. Bacon dip. And a host of other amazing goodies. Who knew bacon was such a versatile food? I’ve always been a purist when it came to my meat and sweets but today, I’ve been converted. Sweet, salty … mmm … I’m all in.

The funny part of this whole day was when we cooked the bacon on-site. You could seriously smell the bacon from the street before you even entered the main Gazette building. It took the better part of today just to clear the building of the bacon smell. Many more of us likely will be carrying the bacon scent home in our cars, clothes and hair. (I know at lunchtime when I went home to walk my dogs, they were pretty interested in my clothing).

More than just the bacon today, I am reminded of how creative my coworkers are. How willing they are to participate in massive food days. How giving they are (because it takes time to cook). I work with some pretty creative and some amazing people. (And a boss who doesn’t mind if we fill the entire building with all-things bacon).

Now, I’ll need to walk 20 miles just to work off half my bacon!

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