Health food store disaster

So it’s like a bad joke — a woman walks into a health food store — you finish the sentence.

And I came out with cheese puffs.

Who goes into a health food store and comes out with cheese puffs? Apparently, yours truly. LOL

So how did this happen?

I’m on this quest — an unusual quest for me. I’ve decided to learn as much about nuts as possible (you read that right). The idea originally came from a scene from the movie “Best in Show.” Look it up it’s really good. In this scene, one of the characters is driving down the street naming off all these nuts. Pecan nuts. Walnuts. And so on. It’s hilarious.

So, I decided I wanted to name as many nuts as possible, as well. I was shocked how many I could NOT name. That led me to a Google search, which led me to a wealth of information about nuts around the world and their culinary (and non-culinary) uses. It’s actually quite fascinating how many different nuts there are.

This led me to a whole new quest. To find unusual nuts to taste. But, walking around stores in the town I live in, I’ve struck out, badly. Apparently nobody in this town has any use for any type of nuts other than the ordinary.

The nut isle is lined with pecans, macadamia, walnuts…all the common nuts. I even found some pine nuts at the health food store. But nothing out of the ordinary.

So, when my third attempt to find a new nut to try failed, I wandered around to the cheese puff isle. And the bag made it to the car with me…I swear I do not know how that happened. I swear it just hitchhiked into my arms. (Sure…right).

But, I must say — the cheese puffs are amazing. They’re made with aged bleu cheese and aged cheddar. And are made with non-GMO ingredients.

I’m feeling even more nutty now.

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