Sleep or exercise?

Sleep or exercise?

That was the exact dilemma I was faced with at lunchtime today. A co-worker of mine said she was going to go home and take a nap. Man, it sounded so good. As I ate my healthy meal and started to watch TV on my lunch break I saw a clip from the “Today” show. The lady was talking about healthy choices and small steps that can be taken to achieve those goals. I then realized that taking a nap wasn’t in that realm of healthy steps.

I popped in my “Biggest Loser” exercise DVD and started to exercise. Halfway through the warm-up I wanted to quit and return to the idea of a nap. But, I hung on through every set, every encouragement from the person on the DVD, and made it about 90 percent through the routine. The only reason why I didn’t finish was because I had to get to a meeting and wanted a bit of time to cool down and freshen up. :0)

So, as I type this, my arms are sore, my butt burns but I have a great sense of accomplishment that I chose to stand up, get moving and take yet another step toward my weight loss goal. I’m so proud of myself!



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