Diet Coke…my addiction and giving it up

I never knew how addicted to Diet Coke I was until I stopped drinking it.

Over the past seven days (yes, I’m seven days free from it) I’ve been craving it at all my usual times. I would get one at noon on the way home for lunch. On the way home from work. With dinner when we go out to eat. After a long meeting. On the way to my mom’s out of town. On the way back from my mom’s.Or anytime I want it.

Each day presents a new challenge as I encounter situations I’ve not encountered yet that were usually accompanied by a huge Diet Coke.

The cravings aren’t as bad seven days into this and I’ve cut out all caffeine from my diet, but they’re still there. And they’re still tough.

And in case you’re wondering, I have lost 10 pounds on my weight loss journey!

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