Winter’s Architecture

Many of us get sad and wistful when the leaves drop off of the tree and it the air turns  sharp, cold and dry. Sometimes we have to look beyond the cold, gray skies and the fact that we have to bundle up in several layers to even leave the house.

Winter is an amazing time of architectural beauty. While the trees have shed their leaves they have also exposed the bones of the tree — the architecture. We can now see the twists, turns and beauty behind the leaves. The basic structure of a tree is quite interesting — and beautiful — to look at. Each tree is unique, just like each person is unique.

The bare tree branches often are striking against a gray winter sky as well. The branches seem to scrape and sky, breaking up the gloom of the cloudy winter sky.

This time of year while everything lies dormant, the beauty of the trees, which are normally hidden by lush, green leaves, is evident. Next time you pass one, stop to look up and see the personality of the tree above you.



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