now what? trouble on the grooming front

So I’ve decided to share my “pain” with you all (if anybody reads this of course).

Yesterday I found out the person who grooms my furchildren is very sick and is out of commission for months — possibly for good. My heart does go out for her. She’s always been a wonderful person and my dogs adore her. And I trust her, which is a huge thing because I rarely trust anybody with my furchildren.

So, which leads me to my next tragedy: my furbabies. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. My poodle has special needs: in other words, she bites. She’s been kicked out of grooming places for her tendency to bite. I’d do it myself, but I have absolutely no skills in grooming. The last time I tried to shave my poodle, I shaved her leg entirely bald. Imagine how funny she looked? So yeah, that’s not an option for me — or her.

So, this feels like a small tragedy for us. It’s a little like finding a daycare provider you trust. For me it feels like the same thing anyway. I need to have somewhere to take my furbabies — someone I can trust and someone I know won’t nick them or hurt them. I have a pocketful of horror stories of my dogs coming home with cuts and sores on them because the groomer wasn’t skilled. And there is NO excuse for my dogs coming home with nicks or cuts from scissors or being shaved. If you know how to  handle dogs, it’s not going to happen. And my groomer they saw last NEVER so much as nicked my babies. So no, I will not tolerate that from anybody. I expect my dog to be neat, clean and UNHARMED. No exceptions. And NEVER ANY excuses. You harm my dog and I’ll NEVER be back. And yes, I’m the type that will tell everybody I know that my furbaby was harmed under that person’s care. Accidents happen, yes. But I have no tolerance for it. Especially since my last groomer never hurt my babies EVER. Yes, I’m probably the client from hell.

So, I have no idea where to take my babies. First, I am VERY picky and second, my dogs are too.

Wish me (and their new groomer) much luck. We’re all going to need it.

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