Entering a new chapter…

Yesterday we witnissed history. The United State’s first African American president was elected by an overwhelming majority. Last night’s vote sent a very clear and pointed message — the United States is ready for change.

I had the honor yesterday to experience history first hand as a reporter at the Lyon County Courthouse. I uploaded returns live as they happened, giving the readers an inside look at local races. Meanwhile, my editor was at the paper on the back end on messenger and we chatted throughout the night and she updated the blog we had going. Two other of our reporters were at both major party headquarters.

Very quickly last night politicians, candidates and citizens realized I had a direct link to the national elections on cnn.com and they began to migrate at my computer off and on throughout the night. It was an amazing feeling and the air had a constant charge in it. My favorite assignment is covering elections — it’s what I think many of us as reporters live for.

The election returns came through very quickly and by 9:30 p.m. I found myself back at the newspaper finishing up my stories and waiting for the presidential election to be called. I didn’t have to wait long and I wasn’t dissapointed witht the results.

President Obama will bring much-needed change to the country and move us in a positive direction.

Whether you voted for Obama or not, it’s time to unify this country. It’s time to support our leader and support the changes that are on our horizon. It’s time for America to join together and move forward for positive change.

Peace out my friends!

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