Cell phone embarassment

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Cell phone lessons

Isn’t it great that we can download ringers to our cell phones? We can choose any song we desire to alert us to our ringing phone or a text message.

What a great invention right? Well, I thought so. And when I got my free ringer from my carrier I should have thought about my choice harder. Or should have listened to my ringer rather.

I got a ringer, which I assigned to my text messages entitled “Text Messages.” Hey, sounded like a good idea at the time. I sure wish I would have learned this lesson a bit sooner than when and where I did learn it.

I was in a meeting and had forgotten to turn my ringer down. This is something I rarely do and normally it wouldn’t have been so embarrassing except that the song I chose wasn’t just about text messages.

I was in this meeting minding my own business when the text message came thorough. My phone belts out “I’m sending you text messages…” follow by “you’re calling them sex messages…” Yes SEX messages. I was completely mortified that all the times I’ve heard that thing go off I never realized the second line was talking about text messaging and sex. I’ll likely never live this down. EVER.

Needless to say, the song has been completely deleted from my phone and replaced with Tina Turner. My ego is still hurt though. My face is red just typing this blog entry. But anybody who truly knows me will only roll their eyes and know that it’s something I do from time to time — completely embarrass myself.

Maybe someday I’ll tell y’all about my cock fighting incident in college. Or the seat inspection incident that my co-worker caught in some of my copy yesterday. Those are for another time!

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  1. O-M-G I WILL…. NEVER….EVER….EVER… LET YOU LIVE THIS DOWN! Holy cow! Only you! I laughed so hard my stitches hurt! AH! I just love you!


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