First cars…

A friend of mine bought her first car yesterday. It got me thinking about my first car.

My first car. There are no real words to appropriately describe that beast. When that thing rolled out of somebody’s shed it was the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. It was my freedom. My ticket to get to go anywhere I wanted to at anytime. I didn’t have to wait on anybody to take me anywhere ever again. So, with that said, the car pulled out of the guy’s shed that we bought it from. There it was — a standard Chevrolet Cavalier station wagon. It cost all of $800. And frankly, it wasn’t even worth that at the time. But it was still mine. So I didn’t care.

In the months to follow I realized what I had gotten into. The car dropped a quart of each of power steering fluid and oil a day. I bought that stuff by the case and had to park with cardboard under my car so as not to leave huge oil spots.

The car had a manual transmission. I knew how to drive one, but this beast was so much different. I spent months terrified of stoplights on hills. I knew every route in my hometown that was as flat as possible. Today, almost all my cars have had manual transmissions. I’ve come to love the extra sense of power you get from it. Can’t say I was too thrilled about it with that station wagon though.

I put that station wagon through hell. I drove it to the lake nearly every weekend. It barely made it up hills. But it always did — as long as I started with a run. I ran that car everywhere. It was still running the day I traded it off for something more reliable. And I cried. My first car was gone. To this day I have never felt the same way as I did about that car. The car with no horn. No air condition. No cuteness whatsoever. But it was mine. My freedom.

Any first car stories anybody? Kat since it’s your car I am writing about. I’d LOVE to hear yours!!!

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  1. First of all, I would love to see a picture of your first car! LoL! :0)Now, for my first car story!I have been looking for a car for awhile now. I started during my senior year but was never really serious about it. Then, my final year at Butler the urge and need to get one rose to a whole new height! I have gone many times to look at cars… at little car shops, to big car dealerships… from new to old! I have looked at them all! But nothing ever seemed right and furthermore even if they came close to being what I wanted they were out of reach financially!The closet I had gotten to getting a car was about a month ago! Long story short…don’t buy cars from *$$%&*!$! It looked similar to a clown car anyways! Nevertheless, I had just about given up! But on the days that it was pouring down rain and I was walking (or riding) to work, or on the days that I hauled my huge basket of laundry approx. 2 or 3 blocks away to the laundry mat, and on the days I was completely out of groceries or needed something from wal-mart…I realized that I really wanted a car so bad!Then I got the call! A friend of my mothers (and practically every teacher in my old home-town), had a car (he owns his own small car place). My mother had asked him to keep his eye open for a car that would work for me, and he found one! That’s when the not-so-fun parts started!I have never bought a car before… nor do I really know that much about them! So everything was new to me. But I had lots of help…lots! The second day into the process, I was pretty much ready to say never mind, I like my bike! But I kept going!After going over and over my budget, calling insurance companies and talking to Steve, the man who I bought my car from, a million times…we decided it was possible so I got in the car with my mom to go down to Ark City to see the car(there was no point in seeing it until I knew it was even a possibility)! The car ride down was a longgggggggggggg one! But when we pulled around the corner, and into the parking lot of the car place and the little 2005, silver, Dodge Neon was sitting there… it was SO worth it! I screamed… really and truly!The first time I sat in the seat, I saw nothing but perfection and I was really excited! This was the car! I had even gone and looked at others, but THIS, this was it! I looked at the guy and he said “I know, I’m good!” Then it was time for the big question, “Are you sure this is the one you want?” I am pretty sure I looked at him like it was the sillest question alive! He laughed and said “ok then, let’s go sign the paperwork!” I literally was shaking as I signed the paperwork! I checked it over so many times I think I made him nervous! And I asked and re-asked questions! Making sure I asked all the thing that I had been told was a good idea to ask by my friends (mainly Brandy! lol! there’s nothing like a big sis being there guide you)! Then he handed me the final, deal making paper! I took a breathe, looked out the window at the car, then signed my name, and looked back out the window at MY CAR! Then we went outside, and he handed me the keys, and I got behind the steering wheel! I was supposed to follow him to the gas station because he wanted to be the one to buy my first tank of gas, and he wanted to teach me how to make sure the air was right in the tires and that I knew how to pump gas (which I did, by the way)! He got in his truck, and my mother started to go get in her car, but looked back at me! Then she started laughing! I was scared drive it! I had started it, and had my hands on the wheel, but I was so nervous! So she came over and got in the passengers seat, smiled, and I swallowed and made a little wish as I put it in gear! We were off!After filling it up, and going through the things he wanted to make sure I was ok with, I shook his hand and got ready to head out! But before he left, he smiled and jokingly said ” I have done all I can do know… fly robin fly!” We all laughed, and then I was free! I find it ironic that the first place I went was Wal-Mart in my new car! But, I had to get a new key chain for my key (and a few other things)!My niece and I named my car Tink (as in Tinkerbell)! Which I find appropriate in many ways! While at Wal-Mart, she and I picked out a little charm to hang from the mirror…it is Tink sitting on a heart! We hung it together, and we believe she is a good luck charm and is watching over all of the passengers! This morning I drove my car for about 2 and a half hours on my ride home! I still love it! It does have a few kinks. Like the scratch on the interior on the passenger side, or the small stain on the seat, a small crack in the windshield fluid reservoir, and a little paint chip from the back (all of which people have pointed out to me)… BUT, I don’t even care! It’s beautiful to me! It’s not brand new, but I didn’t want (or could afford) a brand new car! Besides, this one is new…new to me! And it is my FIRST CAR EVER!It has been pretty darn exciting, but the best is yet to come! I cannot wait to take my big sister on a ride! ;0)


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