Reflection time…

There are times in our lives when it becomes necessary to engage in some serious reflection. I have reached one of those times. It’s a time to step back, assess where I’m at with my life and where I should go from hear.

This isn’t an easy task. It is causing me to look at everything from my job, to my school and even friendships. The latter is tough. While I’m not ending any friendships for sure, it’s hard to look at relationships right in the face and try to sort them out.

What prompted this? A variety of things, of which I won’t discuss here. Mainly because it’s fall. A time for the trees, flowers and greenery to go dormant. I don’t want to go dormant along with all those things…but perhaps it’s the best thing…perhaps it’s time to think things over.


So I ask myself these questions:
What do I want out of life?
How do I get there?
What needs to be changed?
What needs to be left the same?

It’s time…time for some changes….whether they be big or small…

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