I’m hereeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took this tonight. For all you Bush fans I’m sorry. Hey wait, no I’m not! LOL.

So here I am…in Estes Park, Colo. If you asked me right this second if I wanted to leave here and come back to my “real” life I’d tell you HELL NO. Absolutely not! As I sit here outside my cabin (because the broadband will only work out here) I’m listening to the roar of a mountain river right below me. It’s beautiful. So, here’s a quick run down of the day. And it’s gonna be QUICK because I want to get into my hot tub!!

Here was my first thrill of the day — the wind farm near Ellsworth, KS. How majestic they were turning in the wind. Just lovely!

And here you have our view. Isn’t it pretty?

So, par for the course here, we forgot that this is Rooftop Rodeo week starting on Tuesday. So the massive tourist town just got bigger. Ugh. More to come. There’s a parade on Tuesday!!!


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  1. Please tell me you will write about getting hit by a car! Lol! Ok, I will let that go now! Sounds (and looks) like you are having fun! Glad! :0)


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