And we’re off….

Well, ok, sort of. In a perfect world I would be much farther than Park City by now. But, once again, like this entire week, it’s bee less than a perfect ride. So, as I pass Park City and the now deserved Greyhound Park and the failed Wild West World I have visions of mountains in my head but am still stuck with the plains in my view. Go figure. And this typing on the fly while my friend drives thing is actually pretty cool! Sorry, no pics yet. It was more pain and trauma than it was worth trying to get a picture of the dogs when they were being dropped off at the boarding kennels.

So far this morning we’ve dealt with incompetent vet records. We get to the kennels and everything was going fine until the dude said “Chewie and PJ aren’t current with their vaccines.” What the heck?! We watched them get all their vaccines. So, after two phone calls to the vet back home that was finally straightened out.

This followed by a trip to the gas station where some lady decided to camp out in the bathroom. So, yeah…you get the drift. Didn’t get to go to the bathroom. Ah…life is starting out fine.

So, before I run out of decent signal, I’m going to close this entry by saying ARE WE THERE YET?!!!!

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