The day my coffee pot decided to call the shot…

Ah yes. It is Monday. And while I was running around getting ready for work this morning I was struggling with an idea to blog about….well, my coffee pot came up with one…yes, my coffee pot.

It was turning out to be a normal Monday after I had to work all weekend, which generally means seven to 10 days without a day off…I know…I’m whining. I had taken my shower. Gotten dressed. Dried my hair. I even braved the cold to get my coffee mug out of my car, which had to be rinsed out for quite a while because Saturday’s coffee was frozen inside it.

The scent of my French Vanilla Foldgers coffee lingered in the air this morning. It drifted into the shower earlier. And I was looking forward to it. Finally, it was time to pour the coffee and head out the door.

But….my coffee pot decided to mess with me this morning. I got the pot and proceeded to attempt to pour the coffee in my mug. Being as I wasn’t awake yet, it took me a bit to realize there was no coffee in the pot!! What the heck?! I smelled it brewing earlier!!

Took me another couple of seconds to realize the pot must not have been sitting right on the warmer. Because the coffee had indeed brewed, but it brewed all over the counter. Nice…can’t drink it from there, you know?

So, after placing the pot right on the warming plate, I was “generously” given a half a pot, which I poured into my mug. As I cleaned the top of my counter and everything on it, I was going to brew another cup. But, in the long run, I felt less and less like coffee as I had to clean everything up.

So, lesson learned…make sure the pot is sitting perfectly on the warming plate. Thanks Mr. Coffee…for making a Monday even more apparent!! You have a great day too!!

So, I’m off and out the door (well, as soon as I get up from my computer desk). And the best part about this whole thing is that for a moment is was all about coffee. And that’s a good thing. Something simple like coffee, you know? If I had to have a problem this morning…coffee would be it.

Have a great day.

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