Odd urge!!

So as I sat at work one morning I had an overwhelming urge to see if I can get my pencil to stick in the ceiling tiles.

Maybe it’s the retro music that is playing on my computer that takes me back to my junior high days when the teacher would leave the room and we’d all sharpen our pencils. Then we’d see who could get theirs to stick. The teacher would come back to find several pencils sticking out of the ceiling. She would get disgruntled as kids snickered and nobody would own up to it.

Oh, and every once in a while, we’d be halfway through the lecture and a pencil or two would just randomly fall down.

Oh and I got caught once. I was acting on a dare. The teacher was right outside the door. Got a week’s worth of detention for that. But looking back, I realize I could have done so much worse. We all could have. We could have been taking drugs, etc. But we weren’t. Most of us anyway. We were playing silly junior high games. Silly as they were…they stick in my memory just like those pencils stuck from the ceiling!

I dunno why I have this urge. But I’m thinking if my boss came trotting down the hallway when I did this she’d disapprove of me wasting my time trying to get my pencil to stick in the ceiling tiles. Yeah…guess I’d better not try that here.

Sure does sound like fun though!!

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