Welcome to The Wandering Pigeon: Gratitude

My journey with gratitude began with thankful posts on my personal Facebook account in November 2013 — almost three years ago. I started it, like many of my Facebook friends, during the month of Thanksgiving and I only intended to do it for those 30 days.

Halfway through that month, a family tragedy occurred and I began to see gratitude in a different light — I began to be thankful for small things such as kindness and simple smile from a stranger.

And, so, I kept those posts going. And going and going. And now my posts are up to nearly 1,000.

This journey, more than anything, has been unexpected. I didn’t expect to keep the posts going so long (but I’m glad I have) and I didn’t expect many of the life changes/surprises along the day.

Gratitude has transformed my life.

Welcome to my corner of the world.image


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