Road trip: Geary State Fishing Lake

If you’re looking for an unexpected surprise, look no further than Geary State Fishing Lake in Geary County, Kansas. This lake is located 10 miles south of Junction City.

Roadside, it appears quite ordinary, with a little sign pointing the way to the lake. But trust me, you’re going to want to visit this 97-acre lake. Once you are back around the lake it opens up to beautiful scenery. When I visited, I felt like I was in a whole different location — a little oasis that roadside doesn’t get the credit it deserves. But, that’s usually the case when you’re out and about. Always be willing to investigate the little roadside towns and lakes!

The wildlife at Geary State Fishing Lake is rich and abundant and the fish species includes crappie, catfish, saugeye, black bass and bluegill, according to the Department of Wildlife and Parks. The water is beautiful and clear, making it the perfect place for fish.

If photography or simply admiring scenery is your preference, there’s plenty of that too with rock outcroppings, abundant trees and that clear gorgeous water mentioned above. There is a spillway that flows after rains that makes for some incredible photography as well. If you’re wanting to picnic, there’s that too with plenty of shelters and picnic tables. You can even cook out with the grills and fire rings.

If you’re in Kansas or simply passing through, this lake is worth your stop, even if it’s only for a few minutes to stretch your legs.

Keep wandering, friends!

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