The little robin who admires itself

I have this little robin at my house who loves to look at itself. And fight with itself. And peck at its reflection.

Photo by Tina Nord on

Last week I was loading some stuff into my partner’s car and noticed a pecking noise that seemed to come from my car. I looked over to spot a little robin perched on one of my car’s door handles, looking at itself in the chrome trim. I stopped to watch it.

The bird would study itself in the chrome for a while and then start wildly pecking at its reflection. I smiled and just continued watching. At one point, the bird looked over at me, then over at its reflection. Then back at me. Upon apparently determining I wasn’t a threat, the bird turned back to its reflection and began pecking again.

It was very entertaining. I had never seen a robin do this before. I have seen great-tailed grackles do this — now that’s a bird that loves looking at itself.

The robin looked back at me after a while and I whispered to it “thank you for sharing this moment with me and for helping me stop and take in this moment.”

Eventually the bird got tired of pecking my car and flew off, but I am so grateful we shared that single moment in time where nothing else mattered except for that little robin, perched on the door handle of my car, pecking its reflection in the chrome.

Happy Monday, friends. May you find a moment like this and stop for a few second to breathe and take it in.

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