Look inside the tulip

I was waiting for my partner to pick me up from work the other day and I decided to study the tulips growing where I work. So many times when we look at things we look quickly at the outside and move on with our day.

I was surprised that I had never done this before. The inside of that bright yellow tulip is just as beautiful as the outside — with a little boomerang shaped center and little brown stems near that. I gazed at it, wondering what else I’m missing when I go about my days. Am I stopping to look more closely?

While I’m talking about a tulip here, this also can be applied to so many other things. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” holds true for nearly all of life.

How often do we stop and actually gaze at something like a tulip? For me, I’m feel like I’m always rushing to the next location and not stopping to appreciate the flowers or listen to the birds.

So, today, as you’re getting ready for your Sunday, leave yourself some extra time to look inside a tulip, listen to the birds or just observe the world around you.

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

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