Tipping hotel housekeepers

2EF112D3-CD4F-4023-AFF2-2311E63D69BAGratitude is so vital in this world we live in from taking time to thank the universe for another day to thanking everyone around you for their role in this beautiful world.

This week I was on a business trip in Orlando, Florida, and each night before I went to bed I set aside time to write a note to the housekeeper of the hotel and included a cash tip. Each morning I’d put it on the pillow with one of my gratitude cards.

Two days in a row I ended up in my room when the housekeeper was there turning the room. The first housekeeper said over and over to me “God Bless You” and the second also thanked us. Gratitude meets gratitude.

So, why tip housekeepers? First, many are barely making minimum wage. Second, your nice clean room doesn’t happen by itself. Below I’ll offer a few tips on tips for housekeepers.

  • Leave the tip on a pillow with a note so they’re sure the money is for them.
  • Amounts vary, but I left $5/day per person.
  • Leave a tip EACH day, not at the end of the trip. When we were there we had a different housekeeper each day.

Peace and gratitude, friends. Thank someone today!


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