The Gratitude Bridge

The Gratitude Bridge

At the end of a farmer’s property, a gravel road narrows and gives way to a low-water bridge I have named “The Gratitude Bridge.” Each morning I drive on the gravel road part of the way to work just so I can cross this bridge.

Several months ago I bought a Jeep Wrangler, which allowed me to travel the gravel road each day. (That’s how I got started driving across this bridge.) Each morning I’d stop on the bridge when it still had water under it to look for wildlife. Some mornings I’d see heron, other mornings it was a snake or a feral cat and if I was really lucky a deer or raccoon was still out. This became my momentary pause before having to jump into my day.  Somewhere along the way, I decided to stop and also thank the universe for another day on this beautiful Earth. Each day I’d look for the wildlife, roll my windows down, and give thanks.

Slowly, as we’re in the middle of a drought, the wildlife disappeared, even the feral cats are elsewhere and the herons are long gone. But I still stop there each day, look to my left and right and leave my gratitude at the bridge for safe-keeping until the next day. Recently I began calling it The Gratitude Bridge. It might not look like much, but to me it’s where I leave my daily love note to the universe for giving me another day.

Peace and gratitude,


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