Arkansas gem: Castle Rogue’s Manor

Stairs to nowhere. These used to lead up to an outdoor catwalk.

20151024_140852While in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I had many adventures. Another one of those adventures was the opportunity to explore the grounds of Castle Rogue’s Manor near Beaver, Arkansas.

This fascinating place is a hidden gem, but a warning in advance, it’s only open by appointment or by permission. We obtained permission from the owner to tour the grounds while we were there. We didn’t get access to the buildings but hope to on a future visit.

The stunning view from the grounds.
Several pieces of art are on the property.

Castle Rogue’s Manor site on 20 acres in the stunning Ozarks and overlooks the White River and Tablerock Lake. The castle itself has 15,000 square feet of space. It has a main castle as well as a caretakers castle and several other outbuildings including guard towers. A true hidden gem!

It was built over 20 years by Smith Treuer, who had a love for the renaissance era. Today the castle is home to weddings, tours and other events.

If you want more information or want to go see it: go to You won’t be sorry!


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