An unexpected find: ICT Pop-Up Urban Park

wpid-img_20151017_215743.jpgSaturday night mom and I were driving in downtown Wichita looking at the cityscape when we drove by something unexpected that I had no idea existed and it was a true thing of beauty.

The ICT Pop-Up Urban Park, which is located at 121 E. Douglas, was formerly a hole in the ground Wichita called “the hole.”  According to an article by twpid-img_20151017_224333.jpghe Wichita Eagle, the Wichita Downtown Development Corp. held a grand opening for the park earlier this year. The park replaced a construction hole that was at the location between Market and Main.

The park, funded by the Knight Foundation, is a little gem for sure. It includes tables, chairs, planters, art pieces and Christmas-light type lighting. Some of the tables are large wooden spowpid-img_20151017_224452.jpgols. The Wichita Eagle article stated food trucks provide good eats during the week.

But what really intrigued me was the ping pong table and it is complete with paddles and plastic balls!wpid-img_20151017_220009.jpg

So, at 10 at night — in the string-lit park, mom and I decided to play. And we decided we suck at ping pong, but it provided some good laughs.

I am so intrigued by this park that I can’t wait to return to practice ping pong again and take some more great shots.

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