Been on a hiatus

These are some of my beautiful flowers from the hospital stay.

I’ve been on a hiatus. On July 14 I had major surgery. I can say it was one of the strangest experiences of my life. I far underestimated the immediate recovery time/pain/challenges/ALL OF IT.

This was my lovely monitor, which the first day included a lovely pain pump. 🙂

But, I’m happy to report I had an amazing surgical and post-op team at our local hospital. I was home after two days inpatient and now I’m 11 days post-op and feeling pretty well. I’m still not able to do everything — or even near everything — I was doing before, I tire easily and still have some residual pain/limitations. You don’t just jump up and do everything you did before after a surgery like I had.

During this recovery process I’ve learned how amazing the body is at repairing itself and I’ve also learned that it’ll ding you if you overdo things.

So, I’ll be back soon with some new and improved ideas for this blog, including writing more about my travels. I’ve got some plans in the works, but will need to take things slow at first.

Thank each and every one of you for being a reader of my blog.

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