A harsh (and necessary) truth

Last night as I was writing in my journal, I wrote a hard (and necessary) truth.

“I — and I alone — am responsible for my emotions. I am responsible for my own happiness. I am responsible for how I react to situations. The choice to have a good day or a bad day is MINE. And mine alone.”

I won’t lie it’s been a challenging 2015 already in some ways and I find myself quite a bit wrapped up in stuff that’s going on rather than focusing on all the wondering things in my life. It affects my health, my attitude and those around me.

So this week I’ve set myself some goals: to make MYSELF responsible for myself. Whatever happens in my environment doesn’t have to color my entire day and color the days of others because I’m frustrated and bitter about something that (1) I have no control over because you only have control over yourself really and (2) that really isn’t worth ruining my day over.

Here’s to goals. Here’s to intentions. Here’s to reality.

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