9 days into #theselfieproject

Today was day nine of the selfie project I decided to do on Instagram. Yesterday, day eight, was the hardest one yet.

When I started this, I wanted it to reflect my day in some way — either something I did that day or how I was feeling. Most of all, I want it to be authentic — and real. Not just a bunch of dolled-up photos for the sake of putting my prettiest face up there.

Yesterday was hard. When I finally remembered to take my photo, I had just gotten out of bed after trying to get rid of a migraine. I had no make up on, my hair was flat and I looked and still felt pretty much like hell. The portrait of a migraine. I took the photo and hated it. Was I really going to put this on for everyone to see?

Yes I was. And yes I did.

If you had seen me in person yesterday THAT is what I looked like. I didn’t have on my make-up or even a smile. Migraines suck!

Life isn’t always pretty. Selfies aren’t even always pretty. Days aren’t always pretty.

I’m going to to to commit to 30 days of this and see where it goes. Most people do 365 — we will see how long I last.

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