The pigeon is sick

The pigeon is sick. So far it’s been a typical cold — with a side of frustration because I want to get out and wander.url

Ever since I started my journey to fitness and health, I’m one of the hardest people to keep down — and this weekend has been tough.

All last week I willed myself to NOT get sick until after the workweek was done. While I started feeling pretty poorly on Friday, Sudafed did the trick, masked the symptoms and allowed me to push through a pretty darn good day. Friday night, as we went back to the paper to finish things up, I was started to feel seriously under the weather.

Saturday — in bed all but a couple of hours. Sunday — much of the same. Sunday late afternoon — I’m starting to feel quite a bit better minus a sore throat and ears that feel like they want to explode.

I like to wander — as this blog’s title indicates. Here’s hoping I’m back to my full “Wandering Pigeon” self soon! It’s not easy being down, but it does make me incredibly thankful for the days I’m up.

To anyone else who may be sick, get better soon!

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