Paper airplanes anyone?

So, tonight, while reading the latest issued of “Writer’s Digest,” I found a new use for those subscription cards they lace in the midd20150105_210301le of almost every page. Turn a page, a card falls out. Turn another page, another card falls out.

I decided to make paper airplanes out of them. Because I’m random like that.20150105_210127

The first airplane flies nowhere. It had a square nose and fell straight back down — a victim of gravity for sure. I’m sorry to say that one got thrown into the wood stove before I had the idea for this post.

The second airplane — well it got a little more air. It’s the one pictured. It flew all of a few inches before looping back around itself — a airplane boomerang! But, again, still massive failure in the paper airplane world. Those subscription cards don’t make good airplanes and it could also have to do with my lack of engineering because I’m certain there is a way to get these things to fly.

As I type, my dog, Chewie is happily chewing on my paper airplane failure — at least someone is getting some enjoyment out of it. He doesn’t care if it flew or not — he simply enjoys tearing it up.

I probably need to stick to reading the magazine instead of trying to build airplanes with its components.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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