2015 and the epic potential

Christmas and New Year’s are probably my two favorite holidays of the entire year. Perhaps my birthday is a close second…perhaps. 🙂

Christmas is such a magical time with all the glitter, glitz, giving and just the general holiday spirit. I love the holiday commercials, the look on a loved-ones face when they open a gift, the treats, the trees, the lights…I pretty much love it all.

That brings me to New Years. While in reality it’s “just another day” and another date, it has always felt like a new chance to me, a time to change some things and set some goals. I guess most of us get caught in this with resolutions, but as I get older I find my goals changing — and I usually set goals I know I can keep/stick to.

As 2015 draws near and 2014 folds away, I am keeping a running list in my mind of what I’d like to change and accomplish in 2015. And I’ve decided on one concept: EPIC. I am going to aim to make 2015 epic, not just for myself but strive to make a difference in others’ lives too.

A few of my goals are:

  • Write more letters (real, hand-written letters) to family and friends.
  • I plan on starting a pen pal exchange between a fictional character (the sock monkey in the photo above) and a friend’s grandchild. I plan on making these handwritten, from the sock monkey’s point of view and I plan on keeping a copy of the letters for myself as well. (Judith, thank you SO much for agreeing to be a part of this!)
  • I plan on continuing my health journey. Whatever that may look like. Maybe give Couch to 5K another gander? 
  • I plan on continuing my daily gratitude posts. They have helped me so much.
2015 also is the year I turn 39. I have a list I’ve been working on for a while the “39 List.” Thirty nine things I want to do before I’m 40. Keeping all these realistic — and they aren’t all about me. I’ll be posting more about that later. 🙂

For now, I’m So excited for 2015! 

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