The jar of happy notes

Sometimes it’s easy to fall away from something that takes so little time but brings so much joy. That’s the case with my little jar to the left.

 I found this  jar in an antique shop. I had gone there in search of a jar to place one happy memory a day in. This jar already had a coin slot cut in the top and it is so cute I couldn’t resist.

I had seen the idea on Facebook where you do this for a year (and you can fill it with whatever you like) and on New Year’s Eve you open it up and you read all the notes you left for yourself.

I did this for a year in 2013 — and on New Year’s Eve it was such a wonderful experience to open up my jar and read all the notes. That jar of happy notes was amazing.

I didn’t do it this year — or rather I probably made it about a week judging by the few notes that are in there. Tonight I picked up the jar and placed two pieces of paper in it. In 2015, on New Year’s Eve, I’ll be opening it up reading all my notes.

I hope you’ll try this too. It really is worthy of the small amount of time it takes each day to write yourself a note or slip a movie ticket in it.

The reward? 365 “love” notes to yourself. 365 happy memories. 365 moments of joy. 365 pieces of paper (or other tokens) kissed with the intention of love and happiness.

And we need a lot of joy in this world today.

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