Fitness, progress and changes

Well hello there again — two posts in one week — it’s a record! At least as far as my writing has been lately here.

I’m seven months and one week into my fitness journey. 63 pounds lost and counting. Six dress sizes down — from a size 22 to 14. I have about 41 pounds to go.

Let me break this down a bit (and mainly just for my own reminder how far I’ve come):

* Seven months ago I couldn’t walk three blocks without getting winded. Now I can walk three miles and not break a sweat on a average temperature day.

* Seven months ago just the task of walking, much less doing anything more than that hurt my legs…see above.

* Seven months ago I HATED my body. Today I walk down the hall in an outfit that actually fits and I still can’t believe that “nearly average” weight person is me! I seriously still have to look twice. It’s such an amazing, rewarding feeling.

* Seven months ago fast food was a staple in my diet. Today…fast food, what’s that? Gross. Now, that’s NOT to say my eating habits are perfect — because they are not. And since I’m not perfect, my eating habits won’t likely ever be either. I do NOT forbid any food. That will set me up for failure…and failure is NOT in my vocabulary. 

* Seven months ago, squats were out of the question. Even the kind where I had to squat down to just get something out of the filing cabinet. Today, I use squats as exercise and my filing cabinet — hey…no match for me!

I’m sure there is much much more that I’m leaving out…my entire life as far as my health is concerned has changed in the past seven months. My outlook too. I’m more positive. Anxiety is WAY down due to exercise and better eating habits and I’m just in general more happy.

Here’s to the next seven months and beyond!


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