Random acts of kindness

Well hey there…been a while on this little blog of mine…

Today prompted me to post for the first time in forever…don’t know if anybody looks at this anymore…and it’s ok either way.

What is really on my heart today is random acts of kindness and the ripple affect they have on others….most of the time we don’t know that effect it has — but today I was given the gift of knowing…

Before I go into my story, I’ll need to give some background. Several months ago I finally started a lasting healthy journey — October 15 to be exact. I was right at 250 pounds and I decided enough was enough. I’m down 63 pounds now — but I’ve gained more in my life in general than just shedding some weight. I’ve gained self confidence and a new appreciation for myself. So, I’ve stopped dyeing my hair and I’ve removed my acrylic nails — after all, there is nothing wrong with my “natural” self.

I’ve had this bottle of hair dye in my bathroom cabinet for a  few months now…and I finally decided to give it away. I took it to work and attached a note that said “new and unopened, please take if needed.” I didn’t sign my name, I just place it on the breakroom table and honestly forgot about it.

Until today.

A co-worker came to me asking if I knew who put the hair dye in the breakroom. I mentioned I did. He hugged me and said thank you. He told me how his wife is sick and her hair isn’t the color it used to be. He told me how he took the coloring home to his wife and how it was perfect for her. He told me about a compliment she got from a friend on her hair color and that she looked like herself again. I could hear in his voice and see in his eyes just how much that meant to him…how much love they share…and how much the little things in life are giant things to them…I can see how much that small gift I put on that table meant to them…it’s like throwing a pebble into a body of water…small splash…big ripple effect….

I’m thankful…and blessed..and so happy he was the one who took the hair dye home…

Those random acts of kindness have more of an effect than we can ever imagine at times…

Pass it on.

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