365: Day 4

What do you get when you walk five minutes, see a stick and a piece of frayed tarp? A tee pee. What else? :0)

Today’s project centered around taking a five-minute walk and then making something with the matierals that you see.

It was a challenge making my tee pee out of a stick and a piece of frayed tarp. First, I was working on small scale. Second, THOSE SURVIVOR SHOWS LIE. It’s not quick trying to put one of those together! I worked and worked and finally figured out that maybe I was doing it all wrong. Here is the result..not great but hey, it’s MINE:

My stick and string. Pre-tee pee.

Halfway through design process.

And it’s done. haha. Kind of pathetic, but I think it’d work for an ant or two.

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