NaNo day 17 and SNOW!

So Day 17 of the great NaNo is coming to a close (at least the writing part) and I’m approaching 30,000 words! Tomorrow I will be at 30,000.

Today my characters ran amuck a bit. As I struggle to keep up with the word count, they got a little out of control today. The whole phrase “don’t do something I wouldn’t do…” well, it doesn’t apply to these guys.

And, to top it off, it’s snowing! It’s our first snow of the season here. And it’s coming down in great big fluffy, white flakes. It’s so pretty. There is nothing quite like the first snow of the season. It’s not likely to stick to the ground though as it’s been quite warm the past several days.

So as I close today’s blog entry here’s my stats:
Words written today: 1,981
Word count to date: 29,001
Words to go: 20,991
Days left: 13

Onward and upward!


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