NaNo Day 7

Day 7 is now officially behind me — at lease the writing part of the day. Like my previous blog entry today, I awoke very early with the title of my novel in my head. I wish the rest of the time spend on writing today was as easy.

Today I spent doing some more character “clean-up” as I call it. I tied up some more loose ends, beefed up some details and added a couple more characters. The words did not come easy today and it doesn’t help that it’s almost 70 degrees in November. The weather is proving to be a very bad distraction. But I pushed through and I have reached the word count.

So, with 23 days in November remaining, I am at 13,840 words. That leaves me with 36,160 words to write. And NaNo says I’m set to finish on Nov. 26. We shall see. Tomorrow is going to prove to be a challenge as I’m workign during the day and I have a night meeting as well.

So, onward and upward!


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