NaNo drama

So as I sit here trying to make my daily word-count goal I am faced with NaNo drama. My main character is revolting against the personality I gave her. Her story is changing. She is evolving as the manuscript becomes more fluid and put-together. And in a situation where quantity takes precedence over quality, I’m struggling about what to do with her. NaNo says I’m two days ahead of schedule. That should give me some much-needed cushion to adjust my character’s “attitude problem.”

An author, Lisa Cantrell, once told me that sometimes the story calls for hard decisions and you have to make choices for your characters that you never wanted to make. I never understood that until now. This writing stuff is serious business. My characters are serious business. It’s between what I want and what my characters want.

Our NaNo pep talk this morning talked about us being the “ruler of our domain.” This is true. However, I’m starting to wonder as my main character, Chloe, grows and changes by the minute if she isn’t the one in charge.

Happy writing friends!



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  1. I got that same pep talk too, it was a good one! 🙂

    One of my favorite authors, Diana Gabaldon, said about her character when she first started her series how she had a different attitude while writing her dialogue than she'd originally meant her to have, so instead of continuing to fight with her she changed the story around to suit her character's personality. I think that letting stories evolve naturally will never lead you wrong, and remembering to be master of your domain is good advice! It'll all work out how it's meant to 🙂 happy writing!


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