I learned….

I can hardly believe this is my last night blogging from my cabin in Colorado. Tomorrow it’s back to Kansas…back to life. The good news is I get to see my doggies! I miss them so much!

So today I decided to do a little “what I learned” while in Colorado blog. Enjoy.

I’ve learned that even in the most desolate places, life can thrive. These are some beautiful tundra flowers. These plants grow a fraction of an inch a year. They thrive in sub-zero temperatures and a growth season of less than two months a year.

I’ve learned that even the most beautiful places are not immune to Mother Nature’s fury. The memorial to the right was dedicated to the 144 lives lost in the Big Thompson Canyon flood of 1976. Children on up to seniors lost their lives — many of them families vacationing in the canyon. More than 4 inches of rain was dumped in less than 12 hours, causing a massive and deadly flash flood.
I’ve learned that no matter how many people are looking at you it’s ok to be yourself and do exactly what you need to do. This elk grazing in the tundra area today must have had 50 tourists taking his photograph. But as you see it didn’t bother him. He just kept going and ignored us “stupid tourists.”

I’ve learned that it’s ok to stick your head out the window and smell the crisp mountain air. This dog was hanging out of a window in the tundra area in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rock on doggie!!
I’ve learned that no matter what kind of day you’re having there’s always a friendly smile waiting for you somewhere! This is my new friend Sampson who I adopted from Rocky Mountain National Park. Isn’t he cute??
I’ve learned that no matter how old you are it’s still ok to play in the snow! Just like this Elk!

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