Snow. Freezing rain. Sleet. Snot.

Well, OK, so it might as well snot today. Because it’s slicker than snot from a two-year-old’s nose outside…Hey, at least it’s not green as my colleague from the radio station just added.

And here’s our forecast according to the National Weather Service: “Rest of today, snow, sleet, with possible freezing rain and thunderstorms likely.” Joy. Just a bundle of joy. So we continue the trend of the wettest winter — ever.

As you’ve gathered by now, we’re having a bit of a weather event here. Anything is game. Right now, it’s the sleet. And lots of it. At least a half an inch or so. Roads are dicey but if you know how to drive on this stuff, you won’t have a problem.

The problem I have with this winter is the abundance of moisture. Makes me wonder what spring is going to be like. If winter has been like this is spring going to be equally as active? We’ve been lucky for the past few years. If spring has the same weather pattern in store, we are in for a wild one.

So, while I’m looking forward to what spring has in store — I love weather and I love thunderstorms, but not the destruction and loss of lives that can come with it.

So, here’s to spring. Ready for the temperatures. Ready for cold to stop. Suppose we all should be ready for the rest…

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