Pandemic Haiku + Commentary

I can’t believe we
went through that traumatic time
seems impossible.

I wrote the above Haiku about the pandemic as the Snapchat memories start to roll in reminding me of when all of this first started. Photo after photo in my Snapchat memories illustrate what we were going through in March 2020. Right around this time of year two years ago, we were all sent home to work for a “few weeks” (or so). For me, it ended up being nearly 18 months.

During this time two years ago, we were all confused, unsure and had no idea what to expect. I mean why would we know what to expect? Nobody in our generation had been through this before. Worse, we couldn’t get toilet paper, paper towels, water, etc. Even worse, we watched friends, loved ones and strangers die from this horrible virus with little treatment and no vaccine. There was NOTHING we could do except try to listen to guidance and try to protect ourselves and others.

At this point, it’s difficult for me to even comprehend that time. That time when I realized I had to go to work, get my work monitor and settle in for the long haul. I brought my supplies home, my plans home and had no idea when I’d see my co-workers in person again. Our lives just, well, stopped. All the sudden my co-workers, friends and my life, lived inside the computer screen. It was honestly devastating as I look back on it.

The isolation at home, while it gave me precious time with my partner, my new puppies and lots of yoga, left me changed. It left all of us changed in some way. It left me quieter, more reflective and just, different. It taught me what’s important, what’s not and taught me to appreciate life outside my house even more than ever.

As another variant starts to creep in I realize this isn’t over (I knew that, but somehow I still remained hopeful). I really don’t have any clever ending to this post — I just needed to recognize this time.

As always, thank you for reading.

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